No monthly fees, only pay when you make a sale

We don't believe in high recurring fees especially when you have a business that's just starting out.
That's why you'll only be charged a small fee for every successful transaction.

Online Banking

2% or minimum RM1 each transaction

Cash Deposit

Each transaction

Cost Comparison

Ijual VS Other ecommerce systems
This is an estimation of costs. Actual costs may differ based on individual sales and systems used.


If you are a seller that:

  • Sold 100 products at RM 100 each ;
  • Use an Ecommerce system with a monthly fee of RM 100;
  • Use a payment gateway that charges you 4% for every online transaction.
  • e-COM

    other e-Commerce Systems

    • RM1,200 (RM100 x 12) e-Commerce system fees
    • RM400 (RM100 x 4% x 100) Total Online transaction fees (Payment Gateway)
    • RM400++ Payment Gateway gateway setup fees
    • Total
    • RM2,000

    iJual System

    • RM0 (RM0 x 12) iJual system fees
    • RM200 (RM100 x 2% x 100) Total Online transaction fees
    • Total
    • RM200
      Save RM1,800+
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